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Why Using Teak wood For Furniture Manufacturing?

Why Using Teak wood For Furniture Manufacturing?

To make furniture from wood base material is usually used teak wood. Why teak? During this teak wood is the best choice for furniture manufacture. Because in addition to hard teak wood is also resistant to termite attack.

But to make furniture with the best quality we also must be careful in choosing teak wood. Not all furniture entrepreneurs use teak wood to make their furniture. Alasanya besides the price of cheaper basic materials and certainly will benefit more, Teak logging is also not arbitrary. In our country Indonesia to cut the teak needed Permit from the government. Teak is one of the protected tree species of the country. If you are a furniture seller with a furniture store, or user look for a trusted exporter or distributor such as Indonesia Furniture manufacturers and wholesaler Because this company has been very trusted and serve export furniture throughout the world since 1998. How to know the best teak for furniture manufacture? To find the best teak for furniture manufacture:

  1. Wood pores look solid. Dense pores make teak wood more durable and resistant to wood pest destructive attacks such as termites. Proven furniture can last up to hundreds of years.
  2. Of course the age of wood should be really old. Because old wood has a very good level of strength and durability.
  3. There is no dead eye on wood that has the possibility of easily broken
  4. No liver on teak wood that is shaped like a line.

That's a little tips on how to choose teak for furniture manufacture.

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