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Luxurious Antique Teak Outdoor Furniture Home Exterior

Luxurious Antique Teak Outdoor Furniture Home Exterior

Apply Teak Outdoor Furniture Indonesia for your patio or garden will make your outdoor design look awesome. Indonesia has popular with its antique, lovely and unique furniture manufacture that suit with your modern and traditional design home. Here is reasons why you need to choose this furniture for your home.

Teak Furniture Facts

Teak is popular wood for furniture in around the world. What makes teak become so desirable wood for furniture?

·                     Strength. Teak is hardwood types that have strong and durability that withstand for extreme weather such as heat and cold. This make this wood is providing lifetime use for indoor and outdoor. The durability is stands with any rotting or afflictions that able to damage such as other woods. The combination between good quality teak wood with high level of oil and rubber result beautiful item for furniture that makes you able to place in anywhere in your home.

·                     Beauty. This wood is the most attractive furniture materials since it provide colors and grains that unique and elegance. The teak can leave with silver grey color for outdoor and warm golden color for indoor furniture. In addition, the strength becomes the most superiority point for designer that cannot use other softer woods then use teak.

·                     Adaptability. Strength, warm color, durability and termite resistance and other damaging elements makes this wood as extremely wood with high adaptability. The water resistant elements and tendency for not splinter makes this wood has been use for outdoor and indoor furniture.


What to Know before buying Teak Outdoor Furniture

If you want to buy Teak Outdoor Furniture, you should learn more about finishing touch, weathering, handling care and the age old oil that make your teak furniture as best. Teak has been top option for outdoor furnishing as it has good durability and beauty with gold color. This wood has high natural content in rubber and oils that serve natures weatherproof protect from water, insects and rots, and ensuring your furniture will last in decade. However, as buying spend you cost, you still need to consider these several factors when buying teak furniture.

·                     Price. Generally, teak is offer in high price, but it equal with the quality that stands for year to year.

·                     Sustainability. Buy FSC certified teak is way to ensure that the items you buy is environmental friendly.

·                     Oil or not to oil. Oiling can preservatives teak to maintain the colors. The cons, oils can promote mildew and mold.

·                     Cleaning. Cleaning teak to remove dirt, durst and stains.

Teak Finishing and Weathering

There are 3 options for teak finishes, there are natural/unfinished, sealed and the pre weathered. As teak exposed with elements, the teak will turn into silver gray. Buy pre-weathered teak become a great solution if you like the silver look.  It has stay color and makes you easier to accent the furniture with fabrics. If you like to keeping your teak furniture with golden brown look, sealant teak is perfect because it can slow down the weathering process. But sealant can wear down, so ask the store for your item maintenance. Considering where the furniture will be placed is other consideration. The Teak Indoor Furniture will not fade at all when it uses oiling option as it prevent from hot heat and sun.


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