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How to Care For Teak Outdoor Furniture

How to Care For Teak Outdoor Furniture

Teak wood furniture has the best quality of all outdoor furniture you ever find. The maintenance of this furniture is also very easy. Teak wood is known for its special qualities which make it the ideal option for outdoor. Till last decades, the maintenance and care are very little. To treat the teak wood and keep the beautiful color, there are some recommended products you can use. Applying the wrong type of product may harm the teak wood furniture.


Why is Teak Wood Furniture Good for Outdoor?

Teak wood is very strong and oily wood. The protective oil inside the wood protects it from the insects such as termites. The natural oil keeps water from soaking in the wood. That’s why teak wood Indonesian furniture can be placed outside the house and it can endure the rain, heat, wind, and cold for years. If the furniture was crafted precisely, it will last for many generations. When it is new, the color is a golden honey color. Then, after some times, the color will fade into light gray patina. The changes of the color are because of the decorative and it doesn’t affect the strength of the wood. However, if you like the golden color better, there are some things you can do to slow down the changing color. Some usual cleaning is also needed to keep the beauty of the wood.


Should Teak Wood Furniture Be Treated With Oil?

Most of the teak furniture manufacturers suggest not using teak oil. The natural oil within the wood is enough in protecting the wood from the damages. The natural oil and teak oil is actually not the same. People call it teak oil just for the marketing purposes. Actually, it is made of linseed oil and solvents. When you apply teak oil freshly, you will find the furniture glowing nicely. But this is for only short time. Before some times, the teak oil will dry and the color in your teak outdoor furniture will fade in again. You have to reapply the oil every few month to make the furniture glow. There is a time when you are unlucky, the teak oil will stuck to the surface and invite fungus growth. It may leave small black spots on the wood. That’s definitely what you don’t want to occur on your teak wood furniture.


Is Teak Sealer Better for Teak Wood Furniture?

The next method of caring the teak wood furniture is to apply teak sealer. Different with oil, sealer will not harm the protective natural oil in the wood. This product is water based. It created the gap to prevent the natural oil evaporated and oxidized on the surface. Maintenance with teak sealer is only needed once in a year. It is effectively protecting teak wood from fading the color. If you like the fading color, then you doesn’t need the teak sealer. If you stop applying the sealer for some times, the wood will start to age as before. Teak sealer is more effective to keep the color of teak wood from fading. You only need a few hours each year to apply. This teak sealer is better than teak oil for your teak wood furniture.

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